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The respiratory system is one of the integral systems in your body, helping you to live a healthy life. It is majorly connected with the lungs and the associated organs. The appropriate functioning of the lungs is critical for your overall health. Especially during the pandemic, if your lungs are not functioning properly, you need to see a COVID specialist or a pulmonologist.

Pulmonology refers to the branch of medicine focusing on the lungs and respiratory system.

Centre for Respiratory Medicine is one of the leading centres for pulmonology in India, with the latest medical science technologies housed in the facility. Asian Centre houses some of the expert pulmonologists in Faridabad who come backed by years of experience and are highly skilled in a wide range of treatments.

When should you see a pulmonologist at Asian Centre?

You may search for an “asthma specialist near me” or a “lung doctor near me” if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • A recurrent cold
  • A severe cough lasting over three weeks
  • Bronchitis
  • Chest pain
  • Dizziness
  • Tiredness
  • Breathing trouble
  • Uncontrollable Asthma
  • Wheezing

These may be symptoms of common respiratory problems or something more serious that may require a lung specialist. Experts at the Asian Centre commit to accurate diagnoses and guide you through the right treatment path for every lung disorder with the best results.

You get the best care at Asian Centre if you are looking for any of the following:

  • Asthma Treatment
  • Bronchitis Treatment
  • COVID-19 Treatment In Faridabad
  • Lung Cancer Treatment
  • Sleep Apnea Treatment
  • Tuberculosis Treatment
  • COPD Treatment
  • PAH Treatment
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Smoking Cessation Clinic

These are a few of several specialisations offered at the centre. With advanced technology and the most modern techniques at disposal, our team of efficient medical professionals ensures optimum patient comfort.

We are dedicated to offering the most effective treatments for all manner of respiratory problems.

Your life is what matters to us, and we make sure we render every medical possibility to save it for you!

The Asian Centre for Respiratory Medicine, thus, remains a leading pulmonology centre in India.

Whenever in need, book a consultation with our expert pulmonologist to get the right treatment advice at any time!

Services Offered by Centre for Respiratory Medicine in Faridabad

As pulmonology gets more advanced, the technology for treatments also takes a highly sophisticated shape at our facility. The centre’s state-of-the-art technology meets demanding healthcare standards and allows our doctors to perform high-quality, effective procedures, ensuring positive results.

These procedures result from technological achievements of the Centre for Respiratory Medicine:

Video Bronchoscopy

The Asian Centre is equipped with a video bronchoscope. This device allows our specialists to examine a patient’s lungs endoscopically, i.e., with the help of a camera. Thus, with the help of this device, any pathology can be diagnosed effectively and monitored closely.

Video bronchoscope is used for:

  • Taking lung tissue samples for examination
  • Using laser therapy to prevent or stop airway bleeding
  • Airway stenting
  • Removing airway tumours or granulation
  • Removing foreign objects
  • Suctioning out phlegm
  • Performing complex intubations
  • Inserting catheters
  • Endoscopically diagnosing lung problems

The device ensures the centre continues to offer essential pulmonary treatments fuelled with ultra-modern technology.

The Sleep Lab

Sleep disorders related to respiratory problems may prevent the patient from resting well and recover adequately. The qualified and experienced sleep doctors at the Asian Centre’s innovative sleep lab diagnose and treat numerous problems, ensuring that our patients sleep peacefully get a good night’s rest consistently.

The sleep lab helps to manage:

  • Sleep-disordered breathing (SDB), which can further combine with cardiovascular issues, metabolic problems or obesity
  • Unnatural breathing patterns
  • Lack of ventilation while sleeping
  • Pickwickian syndrome, i.e. hypoventilation (lack of ventilation) caused by obesity
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): A long-term disease that affects respiration and worsens with time. Early diagnoses of COPD enables sleep specialists at the centre to manage the disorder and prevent it from getting worse.
  • Neuromuscular diseases weakening the respiratory muscles, such as diaphragm
  • Chest wall disorders may include trauma to the chest wall, blood in the space between the lung and the muscle wall (haemothorax), chest wall masses, or scoliosis.
  • Central Sleep Apneas
  • Parasomnias

Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) Lab

The pulmonary function test lab helps us to offer precise COVID treatment in Faridabad by analysing the lungs’ functionality quickly and accurately.

Significant benefits of PFT are:

  • Spirometry: It measures air volumes while inhaling and exhaling. It also measures the force of the exhalation, determining the efficiency of the lungs. Spirometry is especially helpful in diagnosing diseases like asthma and COPD since it looks for obstructions in exhalation.
  • Measuring Lung Volume: There may be a disruption in patient’s respiratory system preventing them from inhaling enough air. The skilled pulmonologists at the centre use PFT to measure the air volume you inhale into your lungs to determine the abnormalities. The lesser volumes result in inflammation, lung tissue scarring, or chest wall abnormalities, which often cause restrictive lung diseases.
  • Advanced Lung Diffusion Studies
  • Video Thoracoscopy
  • EBUS
  • Allergy Lab

Measuring lung capacity and function is highly critical during COVID-19 treatment. At the Asian Centre, specialists help patients manage their respiration with effective, long-term solutions and regular check-ups.

Why should you choose Centre for Respiratory Medicine in Faridabad?

Are you looking for COVID treatment in Faridabad, India?

Are you struggling with asthma, pneumonia, COPD, tuberculosis, or any other respiratory disorder?

The qualified and experienced pulmonologists at Asian Centre for Respiratory Medicine are fully equipped to help you manage the disease and get the proper treatment leading to a sustainable lifestyle.

The centre offers:

  • Comprehensive testing labs
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Most modern and sophisticated treatment techniques
  • Highly qualified and immensely experienced lung specialists
  • Accurate diagnoses and result-oriented treatments
  • Compassionate nursing and help staff

We prioritise patients’ comfort and needs while conducting procedures and imparting result-oriented treatments.

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